Peranbu Music Review

Peranbu Music Review
Peranmbu Music Review

Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Director Ram and Yuvan Shankar Raja have always been on limitless mode in endowing their fans with unconditionally beautiful music. Following such Chartbuster albums like Kattradhu Thamizh, Thanga Meengal and Taramani, here is Peranbu. The film features Mammootty in lead role and has an emotional tale to offer. Starviews brings you exclusive Peranbu Music Review.

Dhooramaai Album
Singer: Vijay Yesudas
Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Can this song be regarded as successors to this ace lyricist’s irreplaceable lyrical pieces like ‘Vellai Pookkal’ and ‘Puththam Pudhu Bhoomi’? Absolutely, we get to see that Vairamuthu gets too literature oriented, where the phrases has to be dissected for getting simplistic meaning. But here, the words are so simple and each line is soulfully imbibing. In these contemporary times, where our lives are stressed with technological and professional aspects, an escape into world of undying sparrows and honeyed water is what we get through his words. Naturally, Yuvan Shankar Raja keeps the instrumental parts so underplayed that Vijay Yesudas gets a fabulous scope for his rendition.

Anbe Anbin
Singer: Karthik
Lyricist: Sumathi Ram

Significantly, a nostalgic dive into ‘Anandha Yazhai’ from the same duo Yuvan-Ram’s previous yesteryear venture. But this has its own treatment in musical and lyrical components.  Especially, the rhythmic accompaniments are uniformly maintained and Yuvan avoids unwanted exaggerations. Much alike the previous track, he lets playback singer Karthik and Lyricist Sumathi Ram stay under spotlights. Overall, such a simplistic percussions and the mildness of instrumentals through the interludes are bliss to the listeners.

Singer: Sriram Parthasarathy
Lyricist: Vairamuthu

OMG! What a magical words of inspiration. Yuvan Shankar Raja takes a Hindustani route with the Tabla and chimes that dulcetly pierces into your souls. Precisely, “Life is sweet only to those who want to live”. Undoubtedly, this isn’t a song that needs analysis, but just lets you close your eyes and get soaked in its beauty.

Setthu Pocchu Manasu
Singer: Madhu Iyer
Lyricist: Karunakaran

Apparently, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s formulae continue here yet again, where simple and silent instrumentals and clarity bounded vocalisms are in highlights. In addition, Karunakaran has given the impact of a soul’s yearning for a place to settle in peace is decorous.

Precisely, Peranbu has its own way of keeping us addicted. Incisively, this is due to Yuvan’s beautiful composing and Lyricist’s soulful work. Undoubtedly, the album comprises of soulful music, inspiring and heart-touching lyrics with wowing singers, which stay in your hearts even after hearing is over.

  • 85%
    Pernabu Music Ratings - 85%


You’ll never stop listening to Peranbu at once.


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