Raatchasan Movie Review

Raatchasan Movie Review

Raatchasan Movie Review

The immediate post-intermission sequence in Raatchasan is a real big moment for audience, where they’ll be edge-seated for nearly 15 minutes. That’s quite an incredibly awe-inspiring, where the narrative and technical spell just turns to be a mammoth one. Of course, in regards to some spoilers, we feel revealing yet another moment of such paradigm will ruin down your excitements. Yes, there are such sequences in the film, but they don’t come in plenty.  Here’s Raatchasan, one of the decently awaited film that evoked huge expectations with its visual promos too. Especially, to have such a film from the director, who offered a rib-tickling entertainer like ‘Mundasupatti’ along with the same team is much more enthralling. But then, the basic problem with Raatchasan comes with the stretched and unwanted elements. To be precise, it’s actually the second hour that gets into our complete interest. With the running length of 2hrs 50 minutes, it’s evident that there are only 3-4 scenes that create Goosebumps. Yes, there are few more moments that would have actually got its appreciation if they were not too stretched.

In the first hour, we get to see the school sequence involving humour drama among the characters. Yes, they are actually beautiful and it would befittingly been a perfect placement in a love story or family drama. But why unwontedly place them in a psycho-thriller, which the audience would forget by the end of show. This is something that director Ramkumar could have balanced. We’re not advising him how to make a film, but he has actually done a good writing, which is inappropriate for this movie. The scene, where the culprit is unraveled is stunning.  In such a style, Ramkumar keeps us engrossed.  The ways the murders are connected are literally brilliant.

The next thing to be brought forth for debate is characterization. We don’t want to mention little flaws like why doesn’t a honest cop wear a helmet throughout the film while riding the bike and it might look too amateur, but then how come all the senior officers are made dim-witted. Ramkumar could have slightly shown some realistic appeal here. This is logic and rational based film, so it would have been better if there were few stronger efforts into this zone.

On the performance front, the first person to be mentioned for appreciation if Munishkanth. This man just leaves us spellbound in many places. How could you imagine a man noticed for his hilarious appeal make our eyes moistened? He is sure to stand out as a great artist not alone in Tamil cinema, but across South Indian industry? Why not, even the doors of Bollywood might open to him soon.  Vishnu Vishal fits very well to this role. An uninterested man, who isn’t someone empowered with fists, but with his brainy research and filmmaker’s strata is good. Except for the elements, where he never looks insomniac with clean face with well groomed hairs even a great loss in his personal life. But the way he has expressed himself is really nice and there’s nothing to bring up flaws on his part. Amala Paul has done perfect justice to her role. Kali Venkat has given a full length serious role in this film, where he has proved himself to be great. The person playing the role of professor is colossal with his performance, but if his role was stretched furthermore, it would have been nice.

In the first hour, we might feel that the same musical score of Ghibran is repeated over and again. But, he outshines in the second hour, where his BGM helps a lot in enhancing the visual feel.  PV Shankar has executed an impeccable work with his cinematography. You can find the camera to be a character in many scenes as they start reflecting our perspective. San Lokesh is a stunner with his editing. If he continues to be the best as this, he could be a better successor to Sreekar Prasad.

Overall, Raatchasan has a brilliant plot, which if you’re reading as a one page synopsis will leave you spellbound. But the stretched out screenplay with some commercial compromises of the filmmaker slims down his shining ideation.


  • 60%
    Raatchasan Movie Ratings - 60%


Filmmaker Ramkumar has crafted an outstanding never-seen before plot, but he eclipses it with few stretched out and unwanted episodes.


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