Raatchasi Movie Review

Raatchasi Movie Review
Jyotika in Raatchasi Movie
Raatchasi Movie Review

Ever since Jyotika made her comeback after long hiatus through ’36 Vayadhinile’, she has been carrying a good persona of roles. They’ve been promising and inspiring when it comes to characterization and in addition, the engrossing narration too happened to be a decorous one. So what happens with this latest outing from Jyotika? Let us check out in a crisp and short analysis through Raatchasi Movie Review.

Jyotika is seen as Geetha Rani, who is a headmistress arriving at a school across a village, where there is no ethics and discipline… Adding more to the crisis is a local bigwig (Hareesh Peradi) planning to start a private school, thereby putting the attempts made by her at stake to improvise the Government school… Will she be able to make through the hurdles and prove her success?

First things first! Jyotika does a great job with her performance and there isn’t a single flaw, except for the fact that director Gautham Raj fails to sketch her characterization properly. In many places, her attitude is more like the one from Nachiyaar. While there is a protagonist attempting to make a brainy tackling, the role should be painted with some gracefulness and politeness, but with stronger approach. Say for instance, it was very much evident with Nayanthara’s role in Aramm. There are too many characters in the film and none of them have an impact on us. Yes, there are some appreciable elements that includes the insertion of contemporary issues prevailing in the educational system. However, one cannot watch a film merely for this reason and Gautham Raj could have presented it with an engrossing narration.

When it comes to technical part, there isn’t anything special to mention, except for the great work by art department.

Overall, Raatchasi might have Jyotika-Suriya fans arriving into the theatres for the star value, but as whole, it is a mediocre flick.


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