Utter the words ‘Superstar Rajnikanth’ and one can see the dazzling sparkles of crazy fever spreading out everywhere. 40 years and the magic never fade. Embarking on his career as a small artist, he rose to fame playing baddie followed by supporting hero and finally turning the global spotlights with emblazoning fans all over the world. As Superstar Rajnikanth completes 40 years of journey in showbiz, we bring you his 10 evergreen hits that can never be remade in the history of Tamil cinema. Of course, there have been few films like Billa that turned to be tremendous remakes, but these films empowered with Rajnikanth’s incredulous stunning act will put any actor at doubt whether they can recreate the magic.

Bhairavi (1978)


Who can forget Mookaiyah roaring with power? The film that tagged him the most adorable title ‘Superstar’ and ask anyone from late 70s, they’ll tell you how theatres went crazy with his impeccably astounding performance during the film’s interval. Producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu, producer of his upcoming film dignified him with the title ‘Superstar’.


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