Words by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Sivakarthikeyan starrer Remo doesn’t confine itself to any paradoxical ideas. Debut filmmaker Bhagyaraj Kannan doesn’t seem to have strained up crafting a complex tale of romance, but instead offers a supposedly feel-good love story that looks quite a time-worn tale. It’s simple, a boy falls in love with a girl and finds out that she is already engaged to someone, but he doesn’t give up on her and pushes the bar ahead to win her heart. It’s a light-hearted love story that strongly banks on the technical brilliance, particularly the showstopper PC Sriram. His visuals turn up even the busiest lanes of Chennai into a paradise, which you note in a song near Spencer Plaza and few more locales. What comes immediately next towards your attention are the beautiful costumes designed by Anu and finally, we can’t take our eyes off from Sivakarthikeyan. He is so cool, handsome and looks so much rejuvenated with youthful looks. These three things keep the film going smoothly without any interruption, whereas the storytelling by Bhagyaraj Kannan lacks the depth. It’s a routine tale of romance, where the usual dialogues of a boy are repeated in advocating the Gender’s love to be at the best. It looks like Kannan is pretty much influenced by Bollywood love stories, where nearly hundred films have the same concept of a girl breaking off the engagement pact before marriage and finally falls for a roadside Romeo.

There is couple of episodes that are really touching. The one where a boy giving hope to acid attacks victim and later Sivakarthikeyan referring the true love of guys. The other is about the bond that develops between the Siva and the little kid with chronic disease. The director could have extended these portions to travel along with the lead pair, which would obviously bring them together united. Instead, the same old technique of a boy chasing girl to win her heart looks stereotypical. Moreover, there are certain logical issues on how an ordinary boy from middle class family background could spend huge money to impress the girl.

Musical score by Anirudh gains huge response in the theatres and P.C. Sriram’s visuals yet again add the magical touch.

Sivakarthikeyan’s performance is simply brilliant. He keeps looking up for betterment in every movie with his performance and has improved a lot with his screen presence. He registers with a clear imprint that he is here to entertain audiences and nothing beyond that. His dedication over voice modulation for the nurse role is extraordinary. Keerthy Suresh is projected as a bubbly girl and it would have been best if she was projected as a house surgeon or medical intern. She doesn’t perform anything such as a doctor over there. How could an ace actor like Prathap Pothan limited a cameo?

However, when viewed as a general audience, Remo offers a cool ambience with beautiful visuals and best technical aspects with simple narration and sparkling looks of Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy, it gets ticked up in box of Entertainment.

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An outdated love story that comes with strong technical works and commendable performance by Sivakarthikeyan.


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