RJ Balaji’s LKG, Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Cho’s Tughlaq


RJ Balaji’s LKG, Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Cho’s Tughlaq

Amidst the big tickets arriving in theatres, there are few films that instantly grab our attention for its intriguing theme. RJ Balaji’s LKG happens to be one among them, which has propelled everyone’s interest to watch it in theatres on February 22. During this interim, the entire team of LKG was present for the media interaction session recently in Chennai.


B. Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Factory, who has acquired the Tamil Nadu Theatrical rights of this film, had something great to say about this film. “History has witnessed some of the most appealing political satires, where few people took up ambitious mission of depicting the reality through films. The first one was Charlie Chaplin, who made a film on Hitler titled ‘The Great Dictator’ and then it was Late writer-actor Cho Ramasamy, who made the film Mohammad Bin Tuglaq. I am sure, RJ Balaji’s LKG will definitely carve a niche of such excellence in the history of cinema. It is because, there has been a review on Mohammad Bin Tughlaq before decades in Anand Vikatan, where it read only people with high thinking and social welfare can make a commendable political satire and RJ Balaji looks so much appropriate to it.”

LKG is directed by KR Prabhu and is produced by Isari K Ganesh for Vels Film International. Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath, Ram Kumar, JK Rithesh are part of this film.


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