Sakka Podu Podu Raja Movie Review


Following the decent run of  Dhillukku Dhuddu, Santhanam is now arriving with the release of ‘Sakka Podu Podu Raja’.

Vaibhavi Shandilya acts as the heroine and Vivek, V T V Ganesh, and Sampath have also performed. A surprise –Simbhu has scored the music for this film!

It is ‘love at 1st sight’ for the rich boy Santhanam when he meets Vaibhavi Shandilya – the heroine’s brother – Sampath  – comes to know that she has fallen in love. He tries to get her married to another person. The story narrates how Santhanam wins his sweetheart!

One word about this story – it is a very old one repeated thousand times! And, there are no interesting twists and turns to make it interesting! With 2 major comedians in the cast, the director Sethuraman has not focused much on comedy but on heroism – this is indeed a big minus for the film!

The narration is smooth – a few comedy scenes in the 2nd half can be enjoyed. 2 songs by Simbhu are a pleasure to listen. The other technical aspects fall in line with the nature of the story!

In order to gain acceptance as a full-fledged hero, Santhanam has strained with dances and fights. However, it is his one-line punches with comedy that gets the appreciation! It seems he has to work further for a better acting in romance/sentiment scenes!

In spite of the best build-up efforts to present Santhanam as a hero, something keeps reminding the ace comedian in him!

The heroine is simply for glamour. No scope for any acting! Vivek appears throughout the movie and makes a few laughs. There is no scope for V T V Ganesh and Robot Sankar to shine. Sampath and Sharath have dome their parts incredibly.




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