Sangu Chakkram Movie Review


The essence of ‘Kids’ movie is that it should actually come up with the right ingredients to engross them. Director Maarison and producers Sathish Kumar and Rajkumar have clearly envisioned their motive and have presented them well through ‘Sangu Chakkram’. The film features Dhilip Subbarayan, Punnagai Poo Geetha and kids in lead roles.

An alienated bungalow happens to be the backdrops of this film, where several characters bounce upon each other. A 500-Cr worth heir (Nishesh) being cheated by his cruel guardians to get killed there, an abductor (Dhilip Subbarayan) misleading 6 kids into the place to demand ransom money from their parents, Lustful man trying to take advantage of the house with the girl he desires and a real estate person trying to banish off the ghosts and to tell the land for a huge price. With all these characters getting locked inside the house, they encounter the pre-existing ghosts.

While the kids of our very own culture are earnestly enjoying the Kids-fantasy movie from Hollywood like Home Alone, Jumanji and many other super hero tales, this movie really sends a sigh of relief. Kids’ movies are supposedly the ones that gives them the appropriate contents with good entertainment and message. In Sangu Chakkram, it’s blissful to see as an audience that it conveys right emotions boxed with humour and entertainment. The dialogues are written with clarity and high thoughtfulness. The dialogues between ghostly mother and child about the difference between the ghost and human world get an instant applause. Even the dialogues of Dhilip Subbarayan get the best reception. The smart questions by Nishesh towards the ghost about Rajinikanth’s political entry get a humorous click.

On the technical front, the film gets a best output from cinematographer and music director. Thanks for avoiding songs that would have instead hampered the progression of screenplay.

As on whole, Sangu Chakkram offers a wholesome entertainment to the universal audiences. Just switch off your mobiles, drop you logical minds and you’ll enjoy this fantasy ride.


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