Sarkar Music Review

Sarkar Music Review
Sarkar Music Review

The biggest moment waited for months and finally, it occurs in grandeur. As the audio launch of Vijay-Keerthy Suresh starrer Sarkar is happening in a festive mode, Starviews bring you the exclusive Sarkar Music Review. The film is directed by AR Murugadoss and is produced by Sun Pictures with AR Rahman composing music. Vivek of Aalaporan Tamizhan from Mersal is penning lyrics for the album.

Vocals: Bamba Bakiya, Vipin Aneja, and Aparna Narayan

Unveiled as the first single track release, the song turned to be an instant. Moreover, AR Rahman returns back to the ‘Gaana’ mode after a long time. Although, ‘Mersal Arasan’ from his previous collaboration with Vijay was a ‘Thara Local’ moment, this one is actually coherent to native appeal. If you aren’t looking into the name of singers, who have crooned it, then there are chances to believe that either SPB or Mano have been a part of it. Such happens to be the similarity that strikes with Bamba Bakiya. Vipin Aneja is yet another attraction, whose vocalism is completely in contrastive stroke. Although, the song is a Gaana number, it has AR Rahman’s unique treatment with the rhythmic approach.

Oru Viral Puratchi
Vocals: AR Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh

There are few songs that AR Rahman doesn’t miss to render his voice for and by just looking into his name out there; it guarantees 50% of song’s success. In particular, the songs carrying the theme of patriotism and societal context get more emblazoned with his rendition. So happens to be the track ‘Oru Viral Puratchi’, which has hard-hitting lyrics based on the contemporary situation in Tamil Nadu. The song is sure to gets it dosage on the top of all order with Vijay’s screen presence.

Vocals: Mohit Chauhan

Just can’t imagine how the theatres are going to erupt for this song in theatres. A mix of Local flavour with the techno feast, which comes seasoned with the DJ mixing…. Is it going to be a song of Vijay that is placed as a refresher amidst critical juncture for the sake of fans? There isn’t much to analyze with the music here, but there happens to be the presence of AR Rahman’s ‘Sound’ elements that make a difference.

OMG Ponnu
Vocals: Sid Sriram and Jonita Gandhi

The song opens with a tune that faintly reminds us off ‘Meri Sapnon Ki Rani’ followed by the computerized effects emphasized by AR Rahman. Somewhere, we tend to have similarities of ‘Macho’ from Mersal as well. But the singers Sid Sriram and Jonita Gandhi pull it off well with their portions. It might take some repeated hearing for the song to impress us.

CEO in the house
Vocals: Nakul Abhyankar and Blaaze

It’s evident that ‘CEO in the House’ happens to be the introduction song of Vijay, which was shot in the backdrops of Las Vegas. For the initial times, where you happen to hear the song, there might be a mediocre effect, but it is obvious AR Rahman songs will have its time to brew up and haunt us without fail.

Overall, Sarkar songs brings three instant attractions ‘Simtaangaran’, ‘Oru Viral Puratchi’ and ‘Top Tucker’, where the other couple of songs will have its time to spice up the musical buffs.

  • 65%
    Sarkar Music Ratings - 65%


Sarkar is nothing but AR Rahman’s ‘Techno-House-Hip Hop-Gaana’ feast.


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