Sathru Movie Review

Sathru Movie Review
Sathru Movie Review

Here is the exclusive Sathru Movie Review from our Starviews Review Board.

Naveen Nanjundan’s directorial ‘Sathru’ features Kathir as an aggressive and honest cop, who isn’t bothered about the orders imposed by his higher officials. Set against the backdrops of Chennai, we find as an Inspector in Royapuram Police station. His personal life is affected, when he is given a mission to rescue a kidnapped girl from the clutches of deadly hooligans, one among them is brutally bumped off in encounter. Now one of them (Lagubharan) along with three others wants to seek revenge upon Kathir.

The first half of the film has some ups and downs, where few things look really artificial. Especially, the way Kathir is projected as though he’s a hero from mainstream league is somewhat not acceptable. But as the story progresses towards the second hour, he pulls up the socks to offer a decorous performance. In simple words, Kathir has been someone, who befittingly looks perfect when the script or narration is strong. In this aspect, the first hour has a feeble line and it gets more substantiality by the second hour.

Srushti Dange as Kathir’s love interest has nothing much to perform. If you’re looking out for who the best one to score brownie points, it’s none other than Lagubharan. who has given an intense performance.

Mahesh Muthusamy’s cinematography is appreciable. whereas the BGM by Surya Prasad is commendable in few parts, but somewhere we get to find the traces of ‘PETTA’ impact too.

On the whole, the first half of Sathru has some loose ends, but it gets gripping by second hour.


  • 50%
    Sathru Movie Ratings - 50%


Flimsy first half, Engaging second hour makes it a passable watch.


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