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Lies, Anger and Innocence are inherent in every one of us. These three essences have been personified as unique characters in GR Aditya’s directorial debut ‘Savarakathi’. Mysskin as Manga is an embodiment of irresistible anger, Pichai (Ram) is bounded to lies and then his pregnant wife and mother of two kids (Poorna) is a mere innocence. The film unfolds the dramatic narration of a day in their lives.

‘Black Comedy’ hadn’t got its due merits for a very long time and with Mysskin’s writing, the occurrence of renaissance can be noticed. Blending humour with emotions and philosophy is a hard task and his writing is so substantial that the movie looks like being owned by Mysskin himself.

The film is completely a character driven story, which takes some time for us to get settled into the premise. Once we’re accustomed to it, we can feel the humour and emotions gaining our attention.  The importance to witty lines like Ram saying, ‘Oh! Jesus’ and a customer asking ‘Pichai ! Are you Christian?’, Ram jocularly commenting, “Oh! Neengalum Odukaali Kudumbama at marriage register office’ creates an instant humour in theatres. There are few characterizations, a dim-witted accompanying Mysskin with good ideas, but scourged by the psychotic Manga every time, An English maniac who appears for not more than 2 minutes evoking humour with his English literature, rag picker who appears for 30 seconds. All these characters keep tickling your funny bones.

Ram gets humour by natural effort and Mysskin looks slighted exaggerated, but doesn’t make a blunder anywhere. Watch out for his scene of being objected by a hefty nurse at hospital or the following scene, where he shows his anger upon maternal uncle, he leaves you in splits of humour. Poorna can be regarded as successor to Kovai Sarala in Sathi Leelavathi. Such is her performance and there are couple of her scenes, which will definitely pull off heavy laugh in theatres.

Arrol Corelli keeps his score with brilliance throughout the film and the couple of songs by end are beautiful.

Director Aditya deserves a special mention for amalgamating humour with emotions with his well proficient narration.

Savarakathi Movie RatingsSa
  • Savarakathi Movie Ratings


Humour guaranteed and you take back home some reflections too.


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