Seemaraja Movie Review

Seemaraja Review

Seemaraja Movie Review

By the climax action sequence, where our Seemaraja is on his verge of settling scores with the baddies, we get a surprise element of Seemarani (Samantha) taking her action of fist upon the lady antagonist (Simran), which is a real big applause moment in the theatres. The reason behind citing such an incident is director Ponram’s distinct skill of penning a script that has strong characterizations. In fact, this happens to be an intriguing part of Seemaraja, where even the miniscule role that of a sidekick alongside director Lal gets a substantial dimension. Being Lal’s henchmen, he always keeps praising his opponent Seemaraja and yet doesn’t get punished. The reason revealed by the flashback point with humour has its own value as well. Such things have been very well written. The first hour proceeds with lots of lively moments and the placement of three songs – Vaaren Vaaren, Macchakanni and Varum Aana Varaadhu has been perfectly inserted, which goes exactly in accordance to the pulse of audience. In this accordance, Ponram has showcased his maturity of directorial narration. The slightest twist with intermission involving Sivakarthikeyan-Samantha-Lal-Simran is also a commendable one.

The second half proceeds with hilarious episodes, where the ‘Leopard’ one might faintly reminiscent of Goundamani-Senthil comedy in yesteryear classical comedy work. But then, it has neatly executed, where the kids would definitely love it. The sudden leap into a serious premise with the flashback sequence is the greatest highlight, but it gives a feel of watching two different films. In other words, it slenderly breaks the flow between first and second hour. This might not be a suggestion, but it could have been little better if the flashback was hinted from the initial moments itself. This would have kept the audience much more intact with this premise. This is because soon after the flashback, we’re soon taken into climax act, where the flow looks erupted. But Ponram deserves special mention for showcasing the tradition and culture of royal lineage. It’s been indeed a long time; we saw such movies, where it takes us back to the days of Karthik-Sundar C patterned film.

Sivakarthikeyan has tried maintaining the right balance in his performance. There are many scenes, which even he had exaggerated a little on his performance would have turned out to be a reverse effect. Be it the opening sequence or the interval fight followed by a remarkable performance in 20-minutes flashback sequence is extraordinary. It looks like a pretty good surprise that Samantha has been consistently proving her success with an impeccable performance and roles post-marriage. She is befittingly suits the role to core and looks elegantly perfect. Soori keeps offering us some of the best hilarious moments. Keerthy Suresh in her cameo role is a cherry pick. Simran gets us so much adhered with her promising performance as antagonist. Napoleon is excellent too.

D Imman’s background score and songs are very well packaged, especially for the 20-minute flashback, where BGM is on his best. Cinematography, costumes and art department together have offered a wonderful result on visual treat.

Overall, Seemaraja not alone carries a well packaged entertainment, but owns a commendable plot, which will definitely appeal to the audiences.

  • 65%
    Seemaraja Movie Ratings - 65%


Sivakarthikeyan-Ponram duo offers one more promising entertainer for family audiences.


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