Sivalinga starring Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh in lead roles is directed by P Vasu, which is a remake of his very own Kannada blockbuster hit with the same title. The film has musical score by S Thaman and let us have a look into the numbers and its analysis.

Chinna Kabali

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Neeven and Arun Kamaraj

These days, Arun Kamaraj has become the favourite of almost all the leading mass heroes that they want him to croon a massive fierce number for him. Following Superstar Rajinikanth’s Neruppuda and ‘Varlaam Varlaam’ from Bairavaa, we get it here in Sivalinga for Raghava Lawrence. But it’s quite ridiculous to see Thaman using trumpets at unwanted places, which offers a stereotypical style every time.

Sirikka Vechu

Singers: Vijay Jesudas and Ramya Behra

The song faintly resembles ‘Dhaavani Potta Deepavali’ from Sandakozhi and moreover, the vocalism of Vijay Jesudas happens to be of the same style. Even the instrumentals out there during the interludes happen to be the same panache. But then, the placement of situation of this song in the film would be the highlighting trait. Ramya Behra has a sweet flow of mellifluous appeal in her rendition.

Rangu Rakkara

Singers: Anirudh and Sanjana

The song is typical mass number crooned by Anirudh and it is expected to have a fast step choreography that will send high Goosebumps to fans in theatres. But again, Thaman comes up with the usual pattern of trumpets, brass and stereotypical beats.


Singers: Usha Utap, Kalpana and Sri Krishna

This looks like a signature tune of this film, but here and there we do listen to some lines that are reflecting his real life avatar of helping needy and poor. The song offers stark and blunt heroism and we love the beats and rap style along with the guitar works too. The singers – Usha Utap, Kalpana and Sri Krishna offer a fantabulous rendition.

Saarah Saarah

Singers: Rahul Nambiar

The song more or less looks like the tune from the original version. It has positive motivating lyrics and it is expected to have a good reception in accordance to the time. It looks like the song is pictured on P Vasu’s son Sakthi. Rahul Nambiar has done it accordingly well.

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Overall, the songs composed by Thaman are commendable when it comes to massive appeal, which might have its gain with the visuals, especially for the dance of Raghava Lawrence.


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