Filmmaker Atlee is so much elated and excited about his biggest release ‘Theri’ happening all over the world tomorrow. During his last evening interact with media channels, he has made certain promises that his second outing will offer the audiences. Glimpsing upon them gives a clear impression that he has been vividly inspired by his mentor Shankar, who is always known for presenting commercial films with grandeur in the backdrops of strong social issue.

  1. Theri is an emotional family entertainer that will surely engross audiences with decorous moments.
  2. The film has a very simple plot, but comes with a good message targeted on parents and children.
  3. The film is about how bringing up children with good education and discipline will abruptly curb down the crime rates in the country.
  4. Just alike Shankar movies, the protagonist in this movie goes through lots of upheavals, but overcomes with right attitudes.
  5. The grandeur in technical aspects, especially for the songs is sure to have it all written that Shankar has greatly inspired his protégé to go for such innovative ideas on set works.




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