Why these filmmakers can never win over SS Rajamouli?

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Why SS Rajamouli keeps winning over these filmmakers?

We at Starviews actually wanted to make a topic “Will these filmmakers prove success in their ‘No Entry’ zones?” However, we felt there is one filmmaker, who has travelled into unexplored genres and zones proving his success. Apparently, he is none other than SS Rajamouli. Having made a heavy budget movie like Magadheera, he had a mixed response that it was a hit only because of Ram Charan Teja. However, this filmmaker proved them wrong hands down by making a low budget movie like ‘Maryadha Ramana’, where he boldly chose a comedian in lead role and made it a 100-day successful blockbuster. He didn’t settle with this and proceeded furthermore by giving a hit movie with a ‘House Fly’ in lead role. In this special Starviews Slideshow, we bring out the names of 5 celebrated filmmakers and why they can’t beat him.

Karthik Subbaraj – A film without ‘Climax’ Twist

Starviews Slideshow
However, technically his film might be, if not for the climax twist, it would have been a mediocre one. Have a look from his directorial debut ‘Pizza’ to the recent ‘Petta’, the last minute twist alone has helped his film maintain an impact. Well, we want him to make a film without twist and prove his success and hope it happens with his next with Dhanush.


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