Starviews Exclusive – Konjam Pain Konjam Smile love stories of Kollywood

Starviews Exclusive
Starviews Exclusive – Bittersweet love stories of Tamil cinema

If you’re an ardent buff of love stories either in films or novels, we’re sure you’ll love this word ‘BITTERSWEET’. When these words are separated, it has its own way of creating its effect. But when they come together, the mixed bag of emotions amalgamating pain and smile together. In fact, this is most unexplainable feeling in the world. In this special feature, we bring you such movies that made every audience feel a mix of smile and pain by the end of show. Of course, a pondering thought – What if they had united by end.


This movie had such an emotional impact. It was a time when Prasanna was peak in his career, where his love stories were highly appreciated. This was a beautiful love story, where a man’s perplexed thoughts between accepting a girl as his soul mate or sister haunts him. A great movie to walk out with smile and little pain too.


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