Madhavan’s Televisionphobia and Shankar’s assistant Hydrophobia


Starviews Experience – Madhavan’s Televisionphobia and Shankar’s assistant Hydrophobia

Sometimes, there are certain movies that aren’t merely entertainers or masterpieces. Of course, ‘Entertainment’ based movies are the ones that are worthy killing our time and masterpieces to carry back home. But there is another category beyond these pre-defined ones, where they are exceptionally phenomenal. This category is about couple of movies that wasn’t merely about the film’s premise or theme, but the impact that it actually creates.

After coming back home watching Madhavan’s Yaavarum Nalam, we might have all at least felt a little scary looking at TV box. This isn’t completely a Television Phobia, but to a slightest extent, where at least our imagination had some fear. On the same mode, When Arivazhagan’s Eeram was released, it was a rainy season. The whole movie was based on ‘Water’ and its supernatural impact. Especially, for the particular scene, where the movie is completely turning into horror element, the backdrop is actually a cinema theatre. During the interval scene, when many audiences walked out of the theatres for restroom, it was really a funny kind of experience where they felt the pack of eeriness.



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