Starviews Flashback – Ajith Kumar and Goundamani ‘Dual Role’ movie

Starviews Flasback
Starviews Flashback – Ajith Kumar and Goundamani ‘Dual Role’ movie

Flashbacks in cinema would always been interesting part of a movie. But when looking back into some of the instances that happened during the making of a film, especially a masterpiece movie that made huge headlines… In this episode of Starviews Flashback, we bring you an exclusive trivia about Shankar’s Jeans that was released before couple of decades (2018). Everyone knows that Prashanth and Nasser played dual roles in the film as it dealt with ‘Genes’, where there are twins born in the same family. It seems that initially, the lead role was offered to Abbas, who was the hot demand in industry, but his kitty was full of projects for the entire year of 1997.

Later, Ajith Kumar was offered to play the dual roles, which didn’t happen as well. Actor Prashanth sacrificed 7 films in order to be a part of this film. The first draft of the film was to keep ‘Jeans’ completely in ‘COMEDY’ genre as the filmmaker hadn’t attempted in this zone previously. He had planned to rope in Goundamani to appear in dual roles, which was expected by Shankar as one of the major highlights. But then, he couldn’t get onboard and afterwards Shankar changed the genre from ‘Comedy’ to ‘Romance’.


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