The ‘Dhideer (Sudden) Panakkaarans (blockbusters) of Tamil cinema



The ‘Dhideer (Sudden) Panakkaarans (blockbusters) of Tamil cinema

There are times, where big budgeted movies gradually keep our expectations hooked from the time of its commencement. They make a good show as the advance bookings open and manage to steal the spotlights for few days. On the other hand, there are few movies that arrive silent and make a big time for its spellbinding content. The third category is the inclusion of movies that comes from nowhere and turns out to be sudden sensations for its entertaining theme. Naturally, the actors who have been a part of these movies are really talented, but they managed to grab the attention overnight to a larger scale of audience.

Quick Gun Murugan

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Rajendra Prasad is a versatile actor as everyone knows, but he became the favourite of current generation and family audiences with this film. It came a sudden bonanza and  turned to be a sensational hit. It was the only movie in that period that he was able to play the lead role and garner huge response.


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