Starviews Trivia – First choice before Vijay in Priyamanavale

Navarasa Nayagan in Priyamanavale
Starviews Trivia – First choice before Vijay in Priyamanavale

If the list of best films from the career of actor Vijay is taken, then the all time favourite of every men and women would be Priyamanavale. Any actor would have definitely refused to take up the lead role as it involves so much grey shades by the beginning, but sooner it turns into a good one. Vijay and Simran have been a part of beautiful love story titled ‘Thullatha Mananum Thullum’. This one was much different and unique as it dealt with a matured storyline.

Starviews Trivia - Priyamanavale Karthik
Amaran 2 Movie Actor Karthik Photos

A rich brat doesn’t know the value of marital life and he agrees to marry a girl for one year basis and even divorces her after that time period. But sooner, he realizes that she is his soulmate. But will she accept the comeback of a person who couldn’t even realize a bit about her love in one year?

It is learnt that all those romantic stories written that point of time had the writers and filmmakers keeping Navarasa Nayagan Karthik in mind. Perhaps, this could be literally boring for you to accept as Karthik was the first choice of Shankar’s Mudhalvan and Gentleman. But the fact is that Karthik was the first choice in Priyamanavale. But due to his call sheet issues, the film went onto Vijay.

Vijay-Simran starrer Priyamanavale is getting aired on KTV tonight (May 28).


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