Starviews Trivia – The hero before Jai in Subramaniapuram

10 years of Subramaniapuram
10 yrs of Subramaniapuram – Before Jai, a big hero-director’s son rejected

Subramaniapuram created a huge trendsetting moment in Tamil cinema, where the neighbouring regional industries were wowed by tremendous accomplishment.  The film gave a huge impact for all the actors and technicians involved in the project. Sasikumar made his directorial debut with this film and played the lead role as well. Jai was the other lead role, where Swathi made her debut in Tamil cinema.

It is said that actor Shanthanu Bhagyaraj was the first choice of Sasikumar to play the lead role. But after listening to the entire script, where the protagonist has to meet a fatal tragedy by end, K Bhagyaraj refused to let his son have a debut that has tragic end. It was then, Jai came into picture. In fact, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj had openly admitted that he was initially approached for Subramaniapuram. Nevertheless, he didn’t mention the exact reason.


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