It’s electrifying and it never gets aged here throughout the song. This is a much scintillating number that has fastest folk beats and rendition as well. It will definitely leave the fans in theatres completely loaded with high celebrations. Antony Dasan has carried out the entire song with a much huge energy. The lyrical lines are so much appreciable, which speaks about winning any situations with high confidence and firm faith. It also touches the social crisis from the perspective of protagonist. We get to hear a voice by Suriya, where he says, “We haven’t achieved anything and why are we singing such a song” and the song immediately shifts to a different note.

Listen to Sodakku Song

The final moments with high power percussions is going to be the greatest highlight, which will make us get to dance mode.

Anirudh uses the fastest veena and guitar notes by the first interlude, which is something amazing. The same rhythmic pattern has been used throughout the song and it doesn’t bore us anywhere.


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