A regular vengeance tale told in a long stretched style – Vijay’s Theri gets hackneyed in parts, where you turn to be more restless with dragging first half following which the interesting moments are found in few places of post-intermission sequences. Filmmaker Atlee and producer Dhanu were completely involved in the self-aggrandizing promotions, which lands up the film to such a deplorable situation.

There is nothing special or exceptional about the film’s synopsis as it goes bounded with an ordinary time-worn concept, where the vengeance should be retaliated as a sort of dispute between two fathers – Good and Bad. Atlee has tried building up the block of suspense in few places, though predictable, which gets to right twist by the intermission offering good amusement to Ilayathalapathy fans.

First and foremost, we have to accept the fact that whatever might be the script or however mediocre a film could be, Vijay’s screen presence is more than enough to keep us engrossed. This has been his greatest strength over the years, where few films have surpassed merely due to his screen presence. He is cutest chap, who can keep you entertained with best hilarious moments, dance and fights. He emotes more perfectly towards certain sentimental sequences, which are the greatest cherry-picks of this film. Samantha has tried to offer something different from her erstwhile movies. Amy Jackson is a mere disappointment, who rarely tries to perform well. Moreover, her makeover looks so pathetic in parts. Baby Nainika is the cutest thing that ‘Theri’ and she is the only refreshing thing that could happen in this film. Director Atlee deserves special mention for sketching her characterization with cuteness and innocence. She even tickles funny bones that go impossible with Naan Kadavul Rajendran, who is a mere annoyance in few parts. Director Mahendran’s onscreen debut was considered to be one of the greatest highlights in this film, but he has been wasted. He would surely find a best place by doing some character roles and not something off this sort.

With the film mixed with equal proportions of plus and minus, Atlee’s fallible writing becomes a constraint stopping us from enjoying the film at full stretch. First half is too dragging and it looks like Atlee wanted things to be underplayed with the first few moments and later shift into racy elements. But event the flashback sequences are dragging, which doesn’t impress the audiences, except few sequences involving Vijay and Samantha.

Songs effortlessly contribute 50% of entertainment factors in a Vijay film. There have been some of his films that failed with script, but struck gold in box office completely for his songs. Although, Ilayathalapathy impresses with his impeccable and cool dance, the songs are too average. GV Prakash offered some best tunes in Raja Rani and Komban and this one is not halfway towards it. The stunt choreographer deserves special mention for mind boggling action sequences….

Theri has a substantial social issue, which even gets into the zone of inspiration from ‘Nirbhaya’ issue and good message for all. But when it comes to film, it’s not PREACHING that audience expect, but a good entertainment, especially from Vijay.

Theri is a middling film and if you’ve already assumed as the producers promised ‘THERI is 10 times powerful than THUPAKKI’, we are sorry.

Sluggish screenplay, average songs and not so appealing songs hamper the film, but again if you’re a hardcore Ilayathalapathy Vijay fan, go for it.



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