Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

D Imman exerts his heart and soul into every notation for Prabhu Solomon films and his proficiency has been so much evident with the Chartbusters he offered with the director in ‘Mynaa’, ‘Kumki’ and ‘Kayal’. This time, it’s quite a challenging project as big brands like Dhanush, Keerthy Suresh and many more prominent actors get onboard for ‘Thodari’. As the audio and trailer launched this morning, the songs are already getting wonderful reception.

Adadaa Ithuyenna

Singers: Haricharan, Vandana Srinivasa

Lyricist: Yuga Bharathi

The preludes itself offers a heavy gush of emotional essence through the orchestral of running strings followed by Haricharan taking over the space. In few places, it slightly reminiscences of the styled pattern of ‘Ayyayo Anandhame’ for Kumki, but much more than vocalisms, it’s the interludes that grabs your attention. The lyrical lines by Yugabharathi too sound the same as his erstwhile works for Prabhu Solomon-Imman albums.

Oorellam Kekkudhe

Singers:  Shreya Ghoshal, Maria Roe

Lyricst: Yuga Bharathi

The lively country genre in the rhythmic pattern and Imman’s lucky charm Shreya Ghoshal adds her Midas-touch. It sounds like an introduction song for Keerthy Suresh. The guitar strokes we hear during the fill-ins between the vocalization are good. Shreya Ghoshal’s work during the first and second verses is so much engrossing.

Manasunam Manasunam

Singer: Gaana Bala

Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

A song based on the contemporary set up, where the people have been addicted to the gadgets and latest technological advancements like Whatsapp. Nothing special about the song and maybe the visuals would be getting some impacts.

Pona Usuru Vanthuruchu

Singer: Haricharan, Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

While the notations crooned by Shreya Ghoshal are appealing, the same composing when rendered by Haricharan doesn’t achieve those standards. But again, much more than these vocalisms, it’s the instrumentals that take a frontage of attraction.

Love in Wheels

Singer: Chinna Ponnu, Nathan

This is actually a cherry pick that has mellifluous flute work that lets you get imbibed unconditionally. It gives a nostalgic feel of hearing ‘The Secret Garden’ album and suddenly the beat orchestrations done in ‘Rail’ effect is very well done. It’s the best work from D Imman when compared to other tracks in the album.

These tracks are followed by Karaoke versions of Adada Idhuyenna and Pona Usuru Vandhuduchu.

Overall, the album holds lots of prominence of musical components that vocalism. D Imman gets himself elevated to the next level through this album for sure.

Verdict: Compelling orchestral work by D Imman



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