A well crafted thriller marked by artful prudence, expedience, and shrewdness. Quite a blunt, blatant and vociferous call you would instantly make on this film when watching it all. Thrillers are the most recommended stress busters and that’s quite a valid reason everyone sticks in praises to Hollywood movies. Thanks to Kamal Haasan and Rajesh Selva for bringing forth such an impactful thriller for this Diwali that gives you no space to sit back and relax, but keep yourselves hooked onto the screens, moving you to the edge of seats.

Let us bring you three stunning features that apparently makes Thoonga Vanam, the most ravishing thriller. Of course, it’s a thriller and Kamal Haasan’s screenplay is so justifying with gripping moments from beginning till end, the strong characterisations, each own designated with strong appeal and finally, the technical brilliance including the stunt choreography that carves the best niche…

Of course, the film is loosely based on the famous French film ‘Sleepless Night’, where the entire plot is set in the backdrops of a single night. A father – an undercover cop Diwakar (Kamal Haasan) shares a strong bonding with his family. But when it comes to his professional front, there happens to be something more conniving and there begins the gripping tale of chase, challenge and avenging.

Glimpsing upon the three movies down the line of Kamal Haasan released in 2015, he has played a dad with different dimensions, which has been more emotional. This includes Uttama Villain, Papanasam and now Thoonga Vanam, which brings forth an impeccable series of emotions. Naturally, you have all had it in the trailer, where he says, “I swear! I find a scratch on my son’s shirt, you’re gone…”

What is so impressive about the film is the scintillating narration and awe-inspiring screenplay. 5 minutes into the film, we are commuted to the exact plot point, where we are nowhere distracted. Especially, the first hour is so much convincing and engrossing with speedy nitty-gritty moments. The basic rule of a ‘THRILLER’ genre is that the protagonist remains weak and feeble till the 12th hour and that’s what it happens here. The second hour gets more racy, but since with some sequences and proceeding slightly turning out to be foreseeable, there are chances of things getting out of interest, but the episodes involving Kamal Haasan and Prakash Raj is really worth appreciating. Trisha has given the best try in her entire career and of course, you have a surprise from this missy over the screens and revealing it could be a worst spoiler. Prakash Raj doesn’t need any analysis and yes, he is a genius, who stands on pars with Kamal Haasan. Kishore and Sampath given their due performances to the extreme groovy levels. The last 20 minutes of this film is something really mind-boggling with stunts. Asha Sharath might not have more sequences, but she is so naturalistic. The little guy playing the son of Kamal Haasan is super cool and some of the sequences really bring us back the emotional bonding between Mammootty and his son in the film ‘Daddy Cool’.

Background score by Ghibran is mind blasting and the final song that we have already heard and viewed is an additional surprise. The stunt choreography embedded with embellishing cinematography is so much appreciating. Not to miss the crisp editing with best transitions.

Overall, Thoonga Vanam is a fast-paced thriller that doesn’t stop you anywhere from getting bored. Just book the tickets along with your family and we’re sure the next 129 minutes is going to prove that it was worth watching it.

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A high caliber thriller not to be missed


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