Traffic Ramasamy Movie Review

Traffic Ramasamy Movie Review
Traffic Ramasamy Movie Review

Traffic Ramasamy marks the directorial debut of Vicky, who had earlier assistant SA Chandrasekar. To make a film for his guru is a real bliss, especially with a hard-hitting theme. The film as the title suggests is the biopic of the social activist Traffic Ramasamy. Naturally, he has been the hero beyond generations and is still the greatest icon and inspiration for today’s youngsters. In this exclusive Traffic Ramasamy movie review, let us have a look on how special the film has turned into.

It’s quite a challenging task to make a biopic. It not alone involves intense research, but has to keep the ‘reality check’ in perfect mode. If not, the entire scenario would turn out to be a bleak one. In all likelihood, Vicky has tried compiling the best instances and achievements of Traffic Ramasamy. It’s not just about the glorious accomplishments, but the pain and lashes he faced during this process to bring justice.


The film opens with Kushboo Sundar and Seeman launching the book based on life of Traffic Ramasamy (played by SA Chandrasekar).  Then, a common man (Vijay Sethupathi) buys this book and the story is narrated through his version of reading it.

Vicky deserves special mention for taking up such a good premise. But in many places, it’s not Traffic Ramasamy, but SA Chandrasekar, who is visible. We are not blaming the director or actor, but the depth of involvement into the character slightly goes missing. Moreover, the scenes look repeated, where the protagonist fighting for a cause and getting attacked is seen over and again. Everyone in the star-cast have done a good job. Although Vijay Sethupathi appears in minimal portions, his screen presence turns to be a major plus. Vijay Antony’s cameo for an action sequence is worthy of appreciations. The film has lots of commendable actors giving their best performance. But the packaging of narration looks slightly feeble in places.

It’s not a suggestion to Vicky, but instead of fictionalizing the real life hero TRAFFIC RAMASAMY, he could have attempted for a documentary, which would have gained him good response beyond the boundaries. Traffic Ramasamy is a legend whose fame has to be taken all over the places and not just within our state.

But, it’s appreciable to see a first timer attempt with it.


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