U Turn Tamil Movie Review

U Turn Movie Review
U Turn Tamil Movie Review

A nitty-gritty element of a thriller is where the audience becomes participants in the drama. Their curiousness and desperate urge to unravel the mystery just like the protagonist becomes a major sparkler out there. In all likelihood, U Turn stands out to be a clear winner accordingly. Much more than claiming this to be a success, hit or whatever, filmmaker Pawan Kumar has to thank the entire team for having his exceptionally brilliant concept get more popular through these Tamil and Telugu remakes. In this exclusive U Turn Tamil Movie Review, let us have a look on what’s the best cherry pick and what doesn’t work.

The greatest strength of the film is the engaging screenplay, where Pawan has strictly followed its rules and formulae. The establishment of conflicts at the right time followed by an unbelievable twist by the intermission and the mysteries being unraveled one by one towards a shocking climax is extraordinary. Moreover, the impact that it creates by the end among the audience is a huge plus. It’s something more than a fictional experience as it reflects more of such reality and Pawan Kumar deserves special mention for this.

Samantha gets a meaty role in this film, which might not be the best as Shraddha Srinath in original version. But she has exerted her best into the role. It’s Aadhi, who scores brownie points through his performance. First and foremost, being a top actor in Telugu and Tamil, it’s surprising to see that he understood the importance of this role and took up the offer. Aadukalam Naren, Narain and Bhumika Chawla have made a complete justice to their roles respectively.

The technical department just sways up with a top-notch spell. Be it cinematography, editing and sound department, they have rendered an impeccable work enhancing the value of thriller.

Overall, U Turn is a definitely worth watching film that keeps us completely engaged with its mystery and thrill moments from beginning till end…

  • 80%
    U Turn Movie Ratings - 80%


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