Unique for the skin Black Diamond and Cosmetofood Facials


Unique for the skin
Black Diamond and Cosmetofood Facials

Last week I had the opportunity of attending the beauty workshop of prominent Chennai based beautician Vasundhra Ravi, having more than 25 years of work, she believes in learning and sharing her knowledge of the developing beauty trends.

Giving us a glimpse of the latest two facials, the black diamond magnetic facial and the comostofood facial. “The black diamond consists of iron content while removing the impurities a magnetic gadget is wrapped in a cloth that extracts the impurities. The facial was introduced a year ago, and is very popular among the beauty enthusiasts in Chennai and across India”.

The Facials
Black Diamond
She further elaborated, that this unique facial doesn’t require the usual methods. “The beginning it’s pretty much like every facial, but the highlight of this facial is the magnetic properties, and how is extracted. There is no room for tweezers or anything, just the magnet remover”.

This is ideal for those who are frequently exposed to the sun, and it works well for normal and dry skin. It instantly improves, the skin tone and removes the impurities. “What’s unique about this the machine, and how relaxing your skin feels with it moves around your face. It’s nice to see when magnetic force pulls the impurities from the skin.

Cosmetofood Facial
Next, we had a demonstration about the Cosmetofood Facials facial, is something that should be experimented, given the two option I choose to the black diamond facial, but the latter isn’t a bad idea too. “This facial has the benefits, of tasting all that you are using for the face. It’s100% herbal, and how that people are very consciences of what’s been useful to their skin”.

“The smell of it is like you have just grounded all the ingredients for the facial, its herbal and whatever it is people want herbal products.
They don’t want the bleach or any chemicals. This facial will let you taste the ingredients before you use it on your skin”.

The Benefits
Both these facials can be done multiple purposes, one is the tomato tan eliminator, cinnamon acne and mulberry whitening and acne remover. The price ranges are very decent considering its uniqueness and all the benefits involved.
When asked how she came to know about these two facials, “When I was discussing with my friend about products, it was then when names came into the discussion. Later thought why not put it into practice. These products were reached and I have personally tested it on myself”.
She further added, about the developing trend of beauty gadgets and how some it can be carried around. “Before people rarely had warts but today many have it. The gadgets were you can carry around and you only require for it to be charged”.
Both the facials are available at Vasundhra Ravi salon at T. Nagar.


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