Velaikkaran Movie Review


Sivakarthikeyan is a marketing executive in food Product Company. Fahad Fazil is the manager. Fahd Fazil suddenly comes to know that all the food products violate the government rules and regulations! He sets to find out that how much these food products have harmed the public. Sivakarthikeyan initiates activities to remove the malpractices in making the products. However, Fahad Fazil is against it! The tussle between the 2 forms the story!

With this story backdrop, director Mohan Raja has indeed taken an all-important relevant problem on hand and must be praised for this.

When such issue-oriented films are made, the routine of a typical commercial film like comedy, romance, fights, and songs will have to be inserted. However, Mohan Raja has not done this routine!

Though the story backdrop is a strong one, it does not have the scope to be stretched as a 150-minute film!

So, the film appears rather lengthy – the 2nd half is more tedious than the 1st one! A lot of dialogues on the society is being spoken throughout. This could have been cut and the scenes picturisation could have been strengthened.

And.. the backdrop of the story again does not provide the scope for presenting the composer Anirudh’s scores! Even the BGM is just average. The cinematography – Ramji – is a strong-point. Though efforts have been put in the slum setting – it does not play any prominent part!

Sivakarthikeyan has strained to bring out the character sans the romance, fight, and songs in this film. His diction of the long dialogues is excellent!

However, the fans, who come with a deeply-etched image of Sivakarthikeyan, will indeed be surprised to watch him in this rather serious role!

Fahadh is an excellent choice for the manager’s role! With just the minor facial expressions, he has done a great job! So, his entry in Tamil films has been a success!

Nayanthara’s character does not have any weighty involvement throughout! This has restricted her scope to display her talents!

Prakash Raj is excellent as usual. Sharath Lohidas has his customary role of a rowdy. Robot Sankar and Satish come good in a few scenes with their comedy.

The other cast – R. J. Balaji, Thambi Ramaiah, Charlie, Kali Venkat, Ramadass, and Mansur Ali Khan – appear in serious role



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