Nayantara has been topping the charts of heroines of list and she has been gaining the best response for the kind of movies she has been donning. Especially, her recent release ‘Maya’ has been garnering the best credits all over the world including some of the Hollywood filmmakers. The actress has played an unconventional role of a girl with hearing impairment in the film ‘Naanum Rowdythaan’ that stars Vijay Sethupathi in lead role. Director of this film, Vignesh Shivan has opened up on the characterisation of Nayantara saying, “She plays the role of a girl with hearing impairment named Kadambari, but she can do a perfect lip reading.” The makers are releasing single tracks every week trying for a unique promotion. Naanum Rowdythaan is an emotional comedy that stars Parthiepan playing a baddie and Vijay Sethupathi is someone who wants to become a rowdy. When speaking about the rumours that spread about his relationship with Nayantara, Vignesh says, “Twitter and Whatsapp has become a fastest medium that even a small click gets viral. Nayantara has been a perfect professional and she has done a great job in this film. As of now, my complete focus and love is towards my work and no other priority in my life for now.”




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