Unique genres, different attempts and breathtaking performance – Tamil cinema has infinitely leaped towards unparalleled panoramas. Certainly, what connects the most with family audiences is something that would keep them aplomb for few hours amidst their stressful moments. They need someone on the screens who could become one of their family members. As we often say with the terms like ‘Boy or Girl at next door’. Of course, Rajini Murugan is someone who has already imprinted his magic across the towns. Sivakarthikeyan, the most favourite uncle of ‘Kutties’ and ‘Annas’ for many girls, which makes him definitely the fondest personality…

This indeed keeps the film ‘Rajini Murugan’, the most looked up film of this year in spite of delayed release. Usually, films that come with postponed release might lose the intensity or sense of interest among the audiences, but this one remains to be a top on priority list for many film buffs.

Rajini Murugan is hitting screens this Friday (December 4) and the major screens have been allotted to the movie, which is sure to be filled with more family audiences.

Sivakarthikeyan has made a swift through all his movies, where the collection figures have been incredibly at the best.

This film is already gaining the best reports in terms of pre-release business and it is sure to make a good swing with decent feedbacks from the family audiences as the script is interwoven with sentiments, emotions and family relationships.


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