Will ‘Conjuring’ director say ‘Yes’ to Siddarth’s Aval?


Actor Siddarth is so much proud now of being the producer of a fantabulous horror film ‘Aval’. The film simultaneously scheduled for release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on November 3 has raised everyone’s eyebrows with a strong visual and technical rush in visual promos. Sid looks sure-footed now that Aval will scare audiences to the core and will be a game-changing horror flick in Indian cinema.

Horror tagged along with Comedy has started unleashing the boredom in fans now, especially during the past couple of years. “Yes, but with Aval, we are sure things will have a change. It happened same with horror movies on global platforms turning out to be more stereotypical. But James Wan changed the dimension of Horror films with ‘Conjuring’ franchise. Director Milind Rau and I hopefully screen Aval to James Wan one day,” says Siddarth.

This eventually brings up a huge question if James Wan would make his way for the screening… No doubt! Hollywood’s most celebrated Weinstein Company has already acquired International remake rights of Yaavarum Nalam.


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