Yenda Thalaiyila Yennai vaikkalai Movie Review


‘Yenda Thalaiyila Yennai vaikkalai’ is the film directed by the debutante director Vignesh Karthik. Newcomer Azhar is the hero and Sanchita Shetty is the heroine, Is the film as interesting and as unique as the title? Here we go:

The hero is not well-educated. Singapore Deepan is his friend. Both of the wish to join a job which requires better academic qualifications.

Azhar meets Sanchita when he goes to attend an interview in a company and falls flat for her. As naturally, he wants to marry her and makes an effort. He suddenly hers a fairy voice telling that he has to complete 4 tasks given to him if Azhar wants to live – else, he will die. The film answers whether he succeeded.

The very weak screenplay gives away the director that his only interest was to make the watchers laugh. However, good comedy can be seen some sequences towards the end. However, one cannot fail to ask the question about the logic of the story!

Abducting minister’s daughter, the daughter falling in love with Azhar, in the final sequence where he shoots the love Sanchita without knowing, etc. add some pace to the film. The music and the other technical aspects are only so-so.

Hero Azhar has performed well save the emotional scenes. Sanchita has acted well.  Most other supporting actors have done well


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