Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

First things first! Nivas K Prasanna is sure to the world of music in years to come and this album ‘Zero’ stands out to be an ample illustration. There is a sense of brilliance in musical expertise, where he scores brownie points not just with the composing, but in instrumentals, choice of singers and moreover giving the best clarity to voices with mild music.

Uyire En Uyirena

Vocal: Anirudh

The most fascinating track from Anirudh has already conquered the hearts of many. Of course, this could be one of the best melodies we hear from Anirudh after a long time. The musical accompaniments including the chords and running strings with mild rhythms appeal with charming impact…. So much of embellishing moments, especially the instrumentals in the interludes are exotically exquisite.

Veredhuvum Nijamae Illai

Vocals:  Haricharan

The song starts with mild fortepianos on prelude followed by the honeyed vocalism of Haricharan sweeping us off the feet. So much of elegance with his intonating style and Nivas offers the musical score as in live performance with the mild guitars and flute during interludes bestowing an impeccable experience.

Indha Kaadhal Illaiye

Vocal: Nivas K Prasanna

What makes this album so much blissful for the listeners is that mildness prevails in every track in spite of the musical genres as in this song happen. He keeps a very good balance between the vocalisms and instrumentals. This song too has a beautiful impact.

Engae Ponaai

Vocals: Vijay Prakash and Neeti Mohan

What starts with Cellos that comes later with soulful vocalism is so compelling letting us fall in it instantly. The Veena portions are so much elegant that is accompanied with chord works that brings more adorning to the song. Neeti Mohan just pulls out the emotional essence keeping our senses so much bound to her voice.

You are in my heart

Vocal: Natalia Di Lucia

A mellisonant track in English that punches with an emotional impulse for the listeners… Natalia Di Luccia offers a power-packed performance laced with ecstasy embellished with emotions. The violin instrumental followed by her humming we hear during the final moments of the songs with fortepianos accompanying Natalia is brilliant. The musical scale getting to a higher octave towards the end is at the best.

On the whole, ‘Zero’ becomes Nivas K Prasanna’s ticket to A-league musicians list and he is sure to standout as an exceptional musician for decades to continue, if he continues to mesmerize us with such mellisonant tracks.


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